Asset recovery solutions

    When it comes to IT Asset Disposition and electronics recycling, Global Computers Industries offers customized solutions and strategies that help businesses maximize the returns for their used technology.

  • Information.Security.Our Business


    Your security is our business. Our Data Destruction service, meets the Department of Defense (DoD) erasure compliance measures. No matter if it is SSD, SATA, IDE or a SAS hard drive, stored information will history.


ITAD Services

Complete IT Asset Disposition solutions that assist our clients to gain the most return for their retired and unwanted Computers, IT equipment, networking gear, electronics and more. 

ITAD Services

E-Waste Recycling

End-Of-Life recycling service for computers and electronics. Through our sustainability program we have diverted millions of pounds of e-waste from our landfills

E-Waste Recycling

Data Destruction

Data security is our business. GCI offers secure data erasure services for our client's protection. Our hard drive wiping system is compliant with all DoD wiping standards

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About Us

Even if you know everything there is to know about IT Asset Disposition, the thought of going through the process of clearing out your computer equipment can still be daunting.

Not only do you have to sell or dispose of the equipment you no longer need, but now you have to find a place for it or spend time picking it up. Or maybe it’s been sitting unused in storage for years – either way, this process shouldn’t take up any more of your time and effort than necessary.

GCI has years of experience with disposing and managing IT equipment in an eco-friendly manner while taking into account specific customer needs (like adding additional data erasure services). Give us a call today and we’ll handle this process painlessly on your behalf.

  • Recycling For Business

    As new electronic devices become cheaper and more affordable, the need to recycle e-waste, also known as e-waste, is more relevant than ever. Recycling e-waste is the best way to address this growing waste problem by keeping hazardous waste out of landfills and recovering old materials for reuse in new products. Read on to learn more about e-waste recycling and why recycling is the best option for you and the planet.

  • Equipment We Process

    GCI handles a wide array of computer and consumer electronics with our electronics recycling program. We collect computers, printers, telecommunications, networking equipment and much more. Find out what is the right service for your company today.

  • Logistics

    When you need something picked up right away, we can offer pick up services for qualifying loads. GCI owns and operates our own fleet of equipment for your freight hauling and transportation needs.

Products That We Process In Our Facility

The Computer & Electronics Recycling Process

Recycled electronics are recycled and reused to create new products. Electrical products contain many different parts that, when recycled, can be reused in a variety of new applications. E-waste also includes items that can be recycled through the Electronic Recycling Program, which includes electronics that will be reused, resold, remanufactured or recycled. Much of what is referred to as “electronic waste” is not actually waste at all, but is whole electronic equipment or parts that are easily sold for reuse or can be recycle